Our Process

1. Actionable monthly marketing Plan                   (budgets and deliverables) 

2. Return on Investment for marketing spent 

3. Three year corporate growth projections,            based on your marketing budget

Think of us as a business consulting firm meets a marketing agency.

We like to start our client relationships by ensuring our marketing efforts will result in a healthy return on investment for our clients. Our proprietary platform reverse-engineers your company's annual growth goal and provides you with a detailed KPI roadmap to get you there, which shows us:

How do you create growth while...

Not running out of money or breaking your business model. 

Have you ever had invested in marketing that seemed to be creating a run away success but your finances were getting worse every month?  

How do you isolate the few marketing elements to focus on to drive better results?

We have found that businesses need to understand their business model first. Understand your business model allows you to then identify the key drivers of success and focus your marketing efforts on those few key KPI's.

So your Marketing KPI's serve your Business Model.  Marketing shouldn't be isolated from your Business Model and financial results.

We can show how Business Model, Marketing Metrics and Financial Results relate to one another so you can actually plan your business and execute towards achieving your marketing KPI's and watch your earning grow. 

Our method is to help you busild your Business Model, establish your Marketing KPI's that are essential for success. Then we work with your team to improve your Marketing KPI's to make your model work.

The perfect blend of Effective Marketing, Financial Planning and Business Model to help you succeed.

"Improvement comes from understanding your key metrics, your ideal customers, your messaging, your value proposition and sales process.

In today's world, its complicated. We make it easier."

The Money Metrics Team

Craig Jacobson, Co-Founder & CMO

Chris Friend, Co-Founder & CEO

"We offer highly competent, cost-effective consulting.

Our focus is identifying the drivers for success and improving your money metrics."

How Much Better would your Business be if you knew...

The Marketing Essentials...

- Monthly Website Visitors

- New Emails added to list

- New Customers

- Cross Sell and Up Sell Take Rates

The Model Essentials...

- Lifetime Customer Value

- Cost of Acquiring a New Customer

- Initial Customer Transaction Value

- Months until Cash Positive

- Months until Debt Free

We show you these plus your Drivers of Success.

Clarity is Priceless...

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